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Inspire by the men’s game that began in 1882, the Women’s Ashes series began 52 years later in 1934. It is a cricket match between England and Australia. Not only was this the inaugural Women’s Ashes, but it was also the inaugural Women’s Test Match! 24 editions have since been played, with the 25th taking place in England in June and July of current year.

Legacy of Ashes

When Australia defeated England in a test match at The Oval in London in 1882, the rivalry that would become known as The Ashes was born. The Sporting Times published a spoof obituary stating that English cricket had passed away and that “the body will be cremated, and the ashes will be taken to Australia.” The Ashes were so created. Since then, this storied rivalry has been contested in both men’s and women’s cricket, representing the height of rivalry between the two cricketing behemoths.

How does it work?

From 1934 until 2013, when the WOMEN’S ASHES SERIES format was changed, this was the arrangement. The series presently uses a variety of forms, such as Test, ODI, and IT20. The competition consists of seven games: three ODIs, one Test, and three Twenty20 matches. The ODIs and T20s are worth 2 points apiece, while the Test is worth 4 points. The points are distributed equally between the teams if a game is drawn or abandoned. Whoever finishes the seven games with the most points is the victorious team. If the match concludes with both teams tied on points, the team who won the previous Ashes keeps the trophy.

The Fan Experience

Thanks to more extensive media coverage and marketing initiatives, interest in the Women’s Ashes Series has surged recently. The matches are watched by viewers from all around the world, and stadiums are frequently filled to full. The energy is high, and both sides are receiving uplifting support.

History and results

Australia has won the Women’s Ashes 10 times, while England has won six and eight matches have been tied. In the six Ashes matches played since the format changed in 2013, Australia has won three, England has won two, and one match has been tied.
Since they won the 2015 Series, Australia has held the Ashes. Ellyse Perry of Australia is a strong player who has excelled greatly in the new style. She has scored the most runs overall and taken the most wickets of any player since 2013 as well. She is an essential player for Australia’s squad and a terrific all-rounder.

2023 Edition

The competition will be contested for the 25th time in the Woman’s Ashes in 2023. From June 22 to July 18, 2023, it will take place at 7 different cricket grounds in England. These are the matches:

25TH WOMEN’S ASHES SERIES -keysportswear

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25TH WOMEN’S ASHES SERIES -keysportswear

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