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Best 7 Cricket Batting Gloves

Best 7 Cricket Batting Gloves

Best 7 Cricket Batting Gloves are crucial equipment. Gloves help batters bat more comfortably by giving them a greater grip on the handle. They also offer vital protection to the fingers and other exposed portions of the hand. Because not all gloves are made equal, it is crucial to choose the right pair. The best pair of gloves are simply those that fit comfortably on your hands and allow you to hit harder. This is made possible by the increased protection, grip, and moisture absorption provided by well-designed gloves.

It’s likely that finding a pair of batting gloves will prove to be a difficult endeavour. It might be challenging to choose the best gloves for you because there is an almost infinite variety on the market.

With our list of the top 10 cricket batting gloves currently on the market, we at Cricket Life have made your life a little bit simpler. We considered influential aspects including style, weight, durability, cushioning, and pricing while narrowing the field of candidates. There are also some unisex gloves.

We’re certain that after reading these succinct assessments, you’ll be able to select a pair of play


For the 2019 and 2020 seasons, the already renowned Kahuna collection was further enhanced. The index and middle fingers are meant to be multi-pieces, while the ring and tiny fingers just require a single dividing cut. A stylish set of gloves with the genuine Kookaburra insignia on the top of the hand and a dark green line extending from the index finger to the wrist. Each finger is made of high-density foam with reinforced fibre inserts, and the top and bottom hands are made of three pieces of foam that are likewise of a pro grade quality and have a high density.

The palm is made of leather, and the anti-wear patch includes an airflow mesh. Given that Kookaburra prides itself on its “shock dispersal” and comfy bats, batting with them was really pleasant.


Ah, my favourite on the list (a little partial because I wear them for batting). a set of gloves that meet Test standards and have great moisture capacity and grip. The fingers’ very flexible mobility does not in any way jeopardise the protection’s integrity. They are a very light glove because of the ergonomic split part at the back of the hand that provides outstanding shock absorption. The three-sectioned Tri-zone side impact bar, which is made of EVA, Fibre Shield, and Impact Gel with Diffuser Foam, also contributes to the glove’s light weight.

A great glove for slightly “delicate” hands and hands that tend to retain moisture; the elasticized sweatband helps with this by absorbing moisture and enhancing comfort.

Given that my hands become quite sweaty in gloves and that I like lighter weight gloves, these gloves were a fantastic fit for me.


The top of the list, they are exquisitely made and visually pleasing (as one would expect from Gunn & Moore), and they offer excellent defence against a “heavy” ball. The gloves are Test level and include an extra palm wear patch in addition to Pro PU on the back of the hand for added protection and durability. They weigh 0.44 kg more than the other items on this list, although this is largely because to the foam and fibre overlaps, the plastic fibre filling in the rear of the hands, and the side bar protection.

When struck at high strain rates during manufacturer testing, they absorbed 90% of the energy. The raw cotton wraparounds give them a soft contouring effect against the hands in addition to being highly protective, and they continue to function well after the product has been replaced. A double-sided sweatband is housed and there is excellent moisture reduction.

The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here since, although costing more than others on our list, these excellent gloves are perfect for batters of all skill levels.


The pack’s svelte model. The lightweight Slazanger XRLite gloves were created utilising Poron XRD Protection technology, which continuously absorbs the force of blows. In addition to improving grip, the perforated leather palm and streamlined mesh gussets also increase ventilation. The gloves include a towel-lined elastic wristband that keeps the fit snug but comfortable and wicks moisture away from the skin. With a dash of yellow and the recognisable Slazenger logo on the back of the hand, the colour scheme is eye-catching. When we put them to the test, they performed admirably in warm environments, with minimal bat slippage and a tight grip even after extended hours.


The second item from Gray-Nicolls on our list is a stylish batting glove made to provide the highest level of flexibility and protection. This particular model stands out significantly due to its unique hybrid construction, which combines pre-curved EVA foam with intricately crafted interlocking parts to give the glove its unique flexibility. Due to the use of Ulta-Lite high density foam, the pre-curved construction of the glove gives it a traditional appearance and feel while also making it incredibly lightweight, which helps a batsman perform the “stand and deliver” stroke.

The gloves successfully wick away perspiration, and during testing, we noticed that they were quite aerodynamic when playing shots.


This glove’s use by Ben Stokes should serve as a sufficient marketing tool. With an extra calf leather palm, these gloves definitely stand out with the improved grip because while playing shots, especially with a cross bat, the bat practically seems gelled to the hand. With a Pro PU back of the hand, fibre finger rolls, and enough of high density foam covering all the vulnerable regions, including the sides of the hands, all the standard elements of the outstanding Gunn and Moore series are on full exhibit here. The gloves are really soft and comfy, and there is almost no moisture buildup, which helps with shot accuracy.

One thing we did see about the glove was that it carried the short ball off far less frequently than its peers. If a batter has a tendency to hit the ball hard, this is a handy little tool.


Masuri is THE cricket protection expert and is arguably better known for their helmets, so it should come as no surprise that their entry into our top list is an absolute gem of a glove. The Thumb Claw, Wrist Bars, and Meta Shield are examples of cutting-edge Masuri Applied Technologies found on the glove itself. The thumb claw is an innovative product that strengthens the tip of the thumb with pro foam that hooks around the area and is ergonomically made so as not to interfere with grip or bat movement. The wrist bar preserves strokemaking while safeguarding the radius and ulna bones in the wrist. Last but not least, the meta shield strengthens protection for the metacarpal knuckle and, like the first two, does not obstruct.

Best 7 Cricket Batting Gloves For 2023 – keysportswear

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Best 7 Cricket Batting Gloves For 2023 – keysportswear

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