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10 greatest comebacks in tennis

10 greatest comebacks in Tennis

10 greatest comebacks in tennis

The 10 greatest comebacks in tennis have one thing in common.

When a player is down two sets to none, their best selves may emerge. However, being ahead two sets to one may sometimes bring out the worst in a player.
Matches have to be played at a Masters 1000-level event or above to qualify. The rating improves with stage size. Due to unique circumstances related to the game, competition, or players, some comebacks get greater scores.

1. Spaniards Spar Down Under

Greatest tennis comebacks

Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer’s dramatic matches on the Australian Open tennis courts are referred to as “Spaniards Spar Down Under.” These intense battles demonstrated their unshakeable will,

amazing endurance, and excellent shot-making skills. Tennis fans all across the world were enthralled by the ferocity and sportsmanship of their epic duels. The matchups between Nadal and Ferrer

Down Under never lacked in terms of tennis skill, whether it was a grinding five-set struggle or a masterclass in defensive tennis.

2. Federer Defeats Del Potro

Tennis legends

This match is even more interesting than the match between David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro, which was decided at the end of the match. However, this is only one quarterfinal and Federer has already won 16 Grand Slam tournaments. Which is 1 of the 10 greatest comebacks in tennis

Del Potro had a poor knee that season, which gave the Swiss a slight advantage.

3. Future King Vies with Verdasco

The fact that this game took place in the quarterfinals is one of the few drawbacks. There is also a case to be made that sets three and four lacked much competition. However, the match’s conditions are what elevated it to this position.

Only two matches separated Murray from his aim of being the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years. The spectators, who dreaded their player being down two sets and facing elimination, reacted to each and every point in the third set with utter joy and frustration.

4. Swede Stuns Mecir

The modest mental advantage Edberg had coming into the match may have been its one flaw. He had won the Davis Cup match against Mecir before this encounter. That had also lasted five sets.

Numerous advantages contributed to this rising in the rankings. The largest one, which sticks out over the lesser comebacks, occurred on Centre Court during the Wimbledon semifinals.

5. Magic Rackets Rule

The fact that this encounter took place in the fourth round is more than made up for by the numerous advantages. Krickstein was unseeded and falling at the start, while Edberg was ranked No. 6. The Michigan-born player has also missed the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam for the previous five years.

Nobody could hold it against him if he dug up his old rackets to regain some magic. greatest comebacks in tennis

6. Gasquet Guts It out

Any five-set match that features a tiebreak in the third set immediately climbs the list. A fifth “go-the-distance” set and an additional tiebreaker only make things better. In fact, it defeats “magic rackets.”

But things improve. Gasquet has a reputation for losing matches in five sets. Additionally, he was prone to cramping up under pressure. The Frenchman had a magnificent triumph, and the spectators enjoyed some fantastic theatre.

A match later in the tournament would have been the only thing that could have made it better.

7.Federer Freezes Nadal

Sadly, this comeback didn’t take place during a Grand Slam. That takes the match out of the top three. It was a final, at least.

But the outcome significantly elevates it, much as the No. 5 matchup. Federer was not only down two sets to none, but he also trailed 3-5 in the tiebreaker. It was entirely Nadal’s to win the match. What adds to the victory of “FedEx” in making it memorable?

In the third round of the 2004 Miami Masters, Nadal easily defeated the Swiss, 6-3, 6-3, in just 69 minutes.

8. Sampras Cries, Crushes Courier

It would be absurd to name a men’s tennis quarterfinal as the greatest comeback, but it is really close. Even without the spectacular spectacle, it ranks among the finest.

When it appeared like Courier would lead Sampras to the locker room, a supporter made an attempt to assist “Pistol Pete.” He burst into tears when he was told to win for his coach, who was suffering from a brain tumour.

9. Agassi Grand Against Medvedev

Generally speaking, anything that can silence McEnroe is deserving of the top rank on a list. That’s exactly what took place. When the winning shot was fired, the French crowd’s acclaim, unbridled delight, and excitement left Mac stunned in the analysts’ booth.

10. Lendl Mauls McEnroe

McEnroe was silent at Roland Garros fifteen years before he was silent the announcing booth. His serve dominated the game in the opening two sets. His path to becoming the first American champion in Paris since 1955 was obvious and straightforward.

The match then changed when Lendl broke him.

This comeback stands out for two reasons: First, McEnroe finished the year with an incredible 82-3 record. Second, he had a 39-match winning streak going when he showed up on the court that day.

Unfortunately, the streak was broken after 39 games and two sets.

The top 10 greatest comebacks in Tennis – keysportswear

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The top 10 greatest comebacks in Tennis – keysportswear

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