Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Tennis


Improve Your Child’s Tennis

Improve Your Child's Tennis

Your youngster will inevitably make mistakes while they learn the game of tennis. While learning from mistakes is a necessary part of the process, how can our kids develop self-assurance on the tennis court? I’ve included ten suggestions for your kids to increase their self-assurance on the tennis court.

1. Give praise when it’s due

When your youngster behaves well, compliment them. No matter how many mistakes they make, you still have to give them credit when they accomplish something. Your youngster will develop more self-assurance and lose his fear of making errors.

2. Success

Create opportunities for your child to experience success. It’s not only about winning or losing on the tennis court, but let them experience success in different ways. For example, perseverance, playing a long match, or when your child successfully makes the opponent run a lot, regardless of the result of the match.

3. Feedback

Young children largely rely on adult criticism. Make comments valuable and encouraging.The glass is never either full or completely empty. Make an effort to highlight your child’s good qualities. Encourage your youngster to seek their tennis coach for tactical advice.

5. Develop autonomy

Let your child make their own decisions so they gain confidence in their own judgement. When your child can make his own decisions on the court, he can do the same in life later on. Even if you know in advance that your child is going to make the wrong decision, let him gain experience through trial and error

6. Accomplishments

Allow your child to be proud of their accomplishments. Don’t focus too much on other children with better achievements and a bigger winning streak. Teach your child to be proud of his own accomplishments.

7. Be a role model

Be a role model for your youngster. Set a good example for your child by responding well to them. You are your child’s largest behavioral impact as a parent. Of course, your child is influenced by school and friends as well, but as a parent, you are the biggest influence!

8. Promote problem solving

Help your child to solve their own problems. This will make them feel more confident in their abilities. You can talk with your child about problem solving, but in the end it’s important that your child is going to solve the problem by him/herself. In this way he’s developing his social skills and his confidence will go up.

9. Don’t over-control

Give your kid the freedom to be creative. Don’t micromanage every action they take. It’s crucial that your youngster can grow into the kind of player they want to be. This implies that they are not absolutely constrained by their parents and must make their own judgements in court.

10. Avoid labels

Make sure your youngster has a favourable self-image. Avoid discussing how your youngster consistently loses the third set. Or that he consistently commits at least two double faults thanks to his terrible serve. Make sure your youngster has adequate confidence and emphasise the good aspects of life.

Your youngster will play tennis with greater confidence and enjoy it more if you implement all ten confidence-building strategies. Increased self-assurance translates into consistently playing tennis at a better level.

Wishing you luck and good parenting!

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Tennis

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Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Tennis

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